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игрушки природы

Оригинал взят у je_nnyв игрушки природы

RARE CAT'S EYE BICOLOR TOURMALINE Himalaya Mine, Mesa Grande, California, USA

Fluorite with Quartz - India                                   Watermelon Tourmaline. Paprock, Afghanistan

Sapphire                                                             Rhodochrosite after Bivalve from Kertch, Crimea, Ukraine

Rhodochrosite - Argentina                                     Lavender Pink Smithsonite

Ocean Jasper                                                               Marra Mamba tigereye cabochon...

Rhodochrosite cab                                                 Tabular green Uvite on Quartz crystal /
                                                                            Brumado, Bahia, Brazil

1.                                                                                  2.

1 - Chyrsanthemum Rock Specimen by cobalt123, via Flickr These "Chrysanthemum" Flowers, frozen in stone, are natural occurrences of celestite crystals in a limestone matrix. Found in Liuyang County, Hunan Province in China. The Chrysanthemum Stone Flower has been highly prized as a marvel of nature.

2 - Cornwallite, Agardite-(Ce), Clara Mine, Rankach valley, Oberwolfach, Wolfach, Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Agate / Agate Creek, Queensland, Australi              Vulticolor Rutile crystal. Lengenbach Quarry, Switzerland

Zoisite var Tanzanite | Tanzania                                             Prase Quartz

Pink Elbaite ‘mushroom’ with black ‘stalk’.                   Azurite / Western-Siberian Region, Russia

Morrisonite Jasper, Morrison Ranch, Oregon

отсюда: http://pinterest.com/jennyperova/minerals/
Tags: камни цветные, чужие фотографии
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